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Re: fretless, gratitude- recommended loop box?

I guess it depends on what your thing is, gearheads who dig cars tend to
buy a few and have a couple projects going,  I have met people for whom
sex was the only thing that mattered and yes indeed they did subscribe
to that point of view, I admit going thru a phase where I felt like that
myself, if sound is your thing I think trying to simplify may not always
be the best approach and I was responding to someone who I think was
looking for a get one thing that does it all aproach and I think that
will rarely work out.
I think the looking for that ONE piece of gear that will do it for you
is as iffy as the buy everyhting that comes your way approach, and the
scariest part to me is that everyone gets these do it all boxes and all
start to sound the same, sometimes taking the time to learn the deeper
aspects of the tools you already have can produce some suprising and
pleasing results, and in the sound realm simplicity can be powerful but
I know many will aggree that  sound manipulation can be fun no matter
how complex it gets

and to your analogies, if you where looking to put together a good band,
company, family, state or other entity involving multiple people would
you want a handful of identical's or a gestalt of mixed talents

perhaps I was too off the cuff, how bout this;

the middle road is usually best
don't over-simplify
explore your gear
seek out the sound in your heart regardless of how simple or complex the
road to it is

send me any gear that is vexxing you and I will use it!

peace,     steve