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Re: feedback goood, earache baaaad


fwiw, the consensus on the rec.pro.audio newsgroup as of late last year
when i last visited was that the FMR Audio, Really Nice Compressor
(RNC1173) was far and away the best low priced compressor.  i have one and
it works quite well.  just under $200, direct.  i think the web site is
www.fmraudio.com, but a web search should find it pretty easily.  other low
priced boxes (& particularly Alesis) are generally thought to have audible
artifacts &/or coloration, though some defend them with firey vigor.  the
rec.audio.pro "consensus" does sometimes tend to elitism, but i've heard
great reviews of the RNC from other sources as well & my ears confirm this.

i'll note that adding a compressor effectively adds several extra variables
into the feedback equation, & while it can be used to good effect it does
add to the "tweek time" and is not a panacea.  don't let the lack of a
compressor stop you from playing around w/ feedback loops.  get the levels
dialed in nicely, have a convenient fader that can ease off on the feedback
when things start to get over the top, & enjoy the sonic mayhem!

hope this helps,

ps- for more compressor info than you'll know what to do w/ go to
www.google.com, get to the usenet newsgroup search page & search for your
compressor of choice in rec.audio.pro.
dan mcmullen, ca, usa                      don't worry - pay attention
mailto:dog@well.com                                       707-485-0220
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