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Re: Electrix blow-out

wow.  i don't know whether to be completely stoked (the full size 
electrix units for $100 is really stunning) or to be kinda pissed. 
what gives?  i paid just under $200 each for my EQ Killer and Filter 

Electrix....hmmmm....something besides the Repeater on the way? 
Nobody has a price drop like that on a company's complete line of 
gear without something going on.

As for ya crazy loopers...if you got the cash...looks like now's the 
time to jump.  These are some crazy, fun to use products, and the 
fullsize units do all kinds of fun midi sync stuff.  At the Repeater 
demo at Namm, one of the things i got shown was changing the tempo of 
a loop and having all of the delays (mo-fx) and lfo speed (filter 
factory) of the connected units drop in sync with the changed loop. 

go for it...me, i'm still staggering from the price tag of my 
recently purchased Logic Audio Platinum and the firewire MOTU 828....

won't it be fun when the price on that drops by over 50% when the 
next best goodie comes along?


>Those of you that are not members of AH or the NordMod list :) might be
>interested in knowing that Muscian's Friend is having a sale on several
>pieces of Electrix gear, including the Filter Factory, Warp Factory, and
>Mo-fx - $100 each.  Buy any two (I did!) and shipping is free.
>BTW, I notice they're taking orders for the Repeater, and quote a ship
>date of 6/1/01.  Hey, that's today!!!!!