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Re: ACID and ACID stuff?

Touche' my man... I think I used the wrong "word" in describing the info that floats through these post "ARCHAIC", was not the word I wanted. It was 4:00 am, and I was play "Typing Of The Dead", and I went a little, bonkers. I wanted to use a word that meant "of obscure nature", but I slipped..... sorry.

----Original Message Follows----
From: lance glover
Reply-To: baumhaus@earthlink.net
To: dj_devious_d@hotmail.com
Subject: Re: ACID and ACID stuff?
Date: Fri, 01 Jun 2001 12:25:27 -0700
Devious D_MasterMixer wrote:
> Ha, ha Matt, may I call you that... if that's really your name ? I
> know I seem a little bit ACID-ized, but it's a great app, and I want
> people to know about it. No I get NOTHING for my high praise of Sonic
> Foundry ; does anyone get any bucks from EDP, or "My Daughter Is
> Looping in Europe" ? No, this forum is used for the spread of
> information, no matter how archaic it might be. I could start on the
> Zoom ST-224, as a looping device, and tout it's accolades..... but I
> digress. Peace, and hair grease my man... Oh, that Virus Warning
> really sucked, did you get one Matt ? I think that was a waste of
> bandwidth !
um, i think we all got it...
and glad you are so...altruistic? but i can't agree that the newness of
an approach makes older information archaic; by the nature of
information, what's news to some is old hat to others and vice-versa.
which is not to dis your (or anyone else's) particular toolbox- perhaps
you might agree the most important tool sits midway between one's
lance g.

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