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MY setup and splitting the line+flying

ok here is the deal...i have a sp808- sp202 -line 6 delay
-modded moog-waterphone and my sherman filtebank as my main
pieces to play with for live work- i have a show coming up
and need to get my setup going a little different-i would
like to be able to split the signal coming from my sp808 and
202 and run them into the sherman and line6-at the moment i
have my line6 plugged in my alt 3/4 on my mixer (mackie
1402)and i route the signal to it by a press of a
button-anyways to get to the point can someone suggest some
good line spiltters i can buy that would not degrade the
signal in anyway?

2nd question: I am playing a show in nyc soon and i have to
fly-any suggestions for a flightcase for my mixer would be
apperciated--i am going to carry on the rest(i am widdling
down my gear for the nyc show-i will have the sp808 the 202
the line 6 and the sherman on the plane with me)