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Re: RC-20

At 07:59 AM 6/3/01 -0500, Mark Woodford wrote:
>To record a loop and NOT have it start looping right away 
>you just have to press the RIGHT footswitch.
>When you are recording:
>    RIGHT footswitch = STOP recording
>    LEFT   footswitch = STOP recording, START repeating
 Correct. But what I want to be able to do is have it start looping
immediately, but to be in overdub mode at the same time. 

With the RC-20, what you seem to have to do is hit the left switch to start
repeating right away, which will be in play mode, and then hit the same
switch again to get into overdub mode.

Once in overdub mode, it keeps looping, allowing you to add as many layers
as you want, until you either stop or switch out of overdub mode. So that's
cool. The problem is you can't go from your original pass right into
overdub mode at the top of the loop.

Tim Helmen
Debut CD "Room For Cream" available June 2001
info at http://TimHelmen.com