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Re: RC-20

  Tim,  actually, the DL-4 allows for a 28 sec. looptime.  If you switch it
into it's "slower" mode, before you record a loop, the time is doubled.  So
far, I've not noticed any loss of fidelity.  
  As for the RC-20 specifics, I'm not completely familiar with them, but it
seems to me you'd be able to record a blank loop of your desired time,
terminate it, and then restart it in record mode, but then actually begin
recording sound.  -Hope this made some sense, and might be of some help.
-Good luck!, K?  



At 08:54 PM 6/2/01, you wrote:
>First time poster, though I've done a fair amound of lurking on the
>archives on the web.
>I'm not really a looper yet, but am hoping to get into it quite soon. Most
>of my performances are as a solo singer-songwriter playing acoustic 
>My primary use of a looper would be to create grooves and backgrounds to
>solo over. There would be more to it than that, I know, but that's the 
>The LD4 looks great to me, with all the features and flexibilty I would
>need, except for the 14.4 second maximum on loops. So I've been intrigued
>by the RC-20.
>I tried it out for a while at Guitar Center today, with the clerk hanging
>right there, since they had just got one unit in and he was very 
>Having up to 5.5 minutes for a loop is a HUGE plus. I'm not interested in
>using any pre-recorded loops, so I think I could clear those out and have
>the entire memory available for a live loop.
>But there seems to be one main drawback as far as I can tell. With the 
>when you are recording a loop and want to set the end point, depending on
>the switch you use you can have the loop start again either in play mode 
>overdub mode, a nice flexibility.
>But with the RC-20 it seems there is not that same flexibilty. You set the
>end point of the loop and have it restart by hitting the left switch. This
>leaves you with the loop playing, like play mode on the LD4. To get into
>overdub mode you have to hit the same switch again. I imagine with 
>one could get this sequence down pretty well, but you'd never be able to
>get to a mode where you're overdubbing right from the re-start of the 
>This seems like it would be a real pain. I'd love to know there is a way
>around this.
>The other thing is the lack of the function the expression pedal adds to
>the LD4 of controlling the loop level.
>The question is whether the much longer loop time compensates for this. 
>thinking it might end up doing do for me. But if someone could tell me I'm
>missing something about how to go right into overdub mode, that would be
>Tim Helmen
>Debut CD "Room For Cream" available June 2001
>info at http://TimHelmen.com


  "The only things I really think are important, are love, and eachother.
-Then, anything is possible..."