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Re: Electrix going out of business?

rich (08:22 AM 06.05.2001) wrote:

 >however, Damon and Jamie from Electrix have been really good about
 >posting answers to pertinent questions regarding their product, EXCEPT
 >there was eerie silence when there was some 'issue' involved (ie:
 >Repeater missing ship dates).

But, what Jamie and Damon did end up posting was that they didn't want to 
again predict a ship date and miss it. It took them a while to post, but I 
think that came from the business aspect of deciding new policy.

 >seems like we haven't heard from them during this whole 'blowout' deal.

One of the things that I've tried to be clear about in at least some of my 
posts is that I'm getting information from my contacts within Electrix. 
It's not always prudent for a company to come out directly and comment on 
business practices.

 >perhaps a friendly "hey, we're here and we're fine" would settle
 >everyone's nerves down a bit?  it's one thing to get a great deal on
 >straighforward analogue fx boxes, but i wouldn't want to buy an untested
 >Repeater if the company/support/sw updates are going to be nonexistent.

I posted their words to this effect on Saturday (in the "Re: Electrix? 
Repeater?" thread) but I see your point in hearing it straight from them.