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Re: [Samplestation] Re: Bad Comments Flying Around.

Bravo ! My man !
I read your reply, and it brought a tear to my eye !
Now, I must NOT be getting all the threads to this debacle, because, some 
the intermediate replies have gone past me. I still have not seen a reply 
from Dj Ice, and I never saw the note from kNode.
So, I can not completely and honestly say anything else in this regards.
I just want to stress, that this whole thread is NOT about dissin' anyone, 
or belittling anyone's Musical, Dj, or Production Skills. We are all in 
for different reasons, but the common denominator is that "WE ALL LOVE 
MUSIC", and that's the glue that binds. Now Dj Ice's "public relation's" 
skills might be rough now, but maybe his producer skills are off the 
hook.... this is the time for him to also sharpen those skills, and learn 
how to "ask", for the right to use someone's tracks, for remixing. Just 
stating that he can "make them hot azz hell..." or whatever he said, will 
not impress anyone enough to say, "hummm, this guy sounds competent enough 
to handle my creation...".
Now all said and done... can we all get along ? Man, this is the hottest 
thread that has been floating around here, since... well you all get the 

Peace, and Hair Grease !

Alright, to start off in regards to kNode it looks like you're just
trying to start an arguement here and there is no need over something
as stupid as the sake of arguing.  Now for Devious D_MasterMixer, he
is absolutely correct.  DJ Icewhatever does need some schooling in
regards to public relations.  I was completely not impressed with his
street thug attitude, not with his seemingly lack of knowledge in
regards to the track types I'm looking for a producer to help me
with.  It would have been different if he had some music samples to
back up his claims or if he presented some know-how of the previously
mentioned program.  It's never in good taste to request the program
either as with what Devious D_MasterMixer there is a learning curve
with just about every program and when looking for a producer for
your music you're not looking for someone who knows less about the
software (or hardware in some peoples case) than you do.  I didn't
find Devious D_MasterMixer's comments to be offensive in the least,
and I'll even go as far to say he is probably doing DJ Icewhatever a
favor in schooling him.  And I apologize if this too came off as
harsh, as we call know it's almost impossible to express one's
emotion over the net.  8P

- Clayton

--- In Samplestation@y..., stuart ricks <lovepants_2000@y...> wrote:
 > Some comments aren't really all that fair, lets be
 > honest at the end of the day music is music, whether
 > its made from midi, wav or mp3 files. It also shouldn't
 > matter how competent you are, music is not a serious
 > attitude, its suppose to be fun and an enjoyment.
 > I admit I don't know a great deal about midi files or
 > how they work, but the whole point is that with each
 > step you learn, and hopefully with this group we help
 > and teach each other about different mediums and
 > forms of working.
 > Don't diss someone just because they don't know, help
 > them to understand there problem, or give honest
 > criticism. DJKameleon
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