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asheville loopers

hey everyone-

well, im back from my yearlong sojourn through eastern europe and asia. 
last year around this time, i was developing a MaxMSP multichannel looper 
for polyrhythmic bliss-- which i called fripp~ . does anyone remember that?

well, the situation is this; staying in step with the biorhythms puts me 
in a lowtech position. actually im starting a smoothie cart selling 
freshsqueeze in downtown asheville, and making a lot of animal noises and 
dancing like a drunken shaman. the scoliosis is evermending, the spine and 
ribcage are reshaping themselves magically, totally against all 
predictability by western medicine. 

but im interested in connecting with fellow loopers in asheville: 
spontaneous trance through meditative repetition. playing around with 
process. how do we hold the space for music to come through? if someone 
had a mac i could tweak around on, id probably want to continue working on 
new looping tools... 

see, i think of a west african drumming circle, and i think of the 
organizational metaphors;; ok, you play this, you play that. or a jazz 
band, where the song is the unit of loose organization around which the 
melodies rise. or sitting meditation, where the breath is often the anchor 
around which the journey focalizes. but of course these are just the tip 
of a vast matrix of dream incubators, of ways to coax the little devils 
out of their musical closets... 

so if you're into looping together, lets jiggit.


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