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Re: [Samplestation] Bad Comments Flying Around.

My Bad.
I have gotten some flak about my responses to Samplestation, weeding their 
way into loopers delight. I apologize, I just wanted to hear to see if any 
of the Loopers had in comments on this situation, some words of wisdom for 
Dj Ice, that is all. I will stop my CC'ing LD after this.

----Original Message Follows----
From: rich <rich@nuvisionsca.com>
To: dj_devious_d@hotmail.com
Subject: Re: [Samplestation] Bad Comments Flying Around.
Date: Tue, 5 Jun 2001 08:14:39 -0700


rich here from Looper's Delight.  hope you are well.

can you check and see if the mail that you're responding to
<Samplestation@yahoogroups.com> is getting sent to the Looper's
Delight list as well?

it seems wierd...we're not getting the posts that you are responding
to, but we're getting your responses...

any ideas?



>I think this was directed toward's me ?
>Ok, maybe I sounded harsh in my "schooling" of Dj Ice, and I
>apologize for that. It was not meant for criticism (well not
>destructive that is),I just was commenting on his method of
>requesting the MIDI files that he wanted to work on, not his ability
>in actually manipulating the files. I have no idea what this man's
>skill level is, but neither will the artist who wanted their MIDI
>tracks remixed. How will they know, or why would the trust their
>work with someone who sounded as if he didn't know a MIDI file, from
>a Mini Skirt, but again I sound too harsh. Dj Ice might just be the
>next Cameron Paul, all I know, but I was not impressed with his
>sales pitch....
>----Original Message Follows----
>From: stuart ricks <lovepants_2000@yahoo.co.uk>
>Reply-To: Samplestation@yahoogroups.com
>To: Samplestation@yahoogroups.com
>Subject: [Samplestation] Bad Comments Flying Around.
>Date: Tue, 5 Jun 2001 07:34:28 +0100 (BST)
>Some comments arent really all that fair, lets be
>honest at the end of the day music is music, wether
>its made from midi, wav or mp3 files. It also shouldnt
>matter how competant you are, music is not a serious
>attitude, its supose to be fun and an enjoyment.
>I admit I dont know a great deal about midi files or
>how they work, but the whole point is that with each
>step you learn, and hopefully with this group we help
>and teatch each other about different mediums and
>forms of working.
>Dont diss someone just because they dont know, help
>them to understand there problem, or give honest
>critisism. DJKameleon
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