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Re: Clean rhythmn and dirty solos -set up question

> Can anyone help me out-- I bought the RC-20 and when trying in the
f/x loop
> of a digtech 2120 ( my guitar f/xunit preamp) I recorded a clean
rhythm but
> when I switched to a dirty channel to solo the rhythm also changed
to a dirty
> sound. How do you set up these looping devises in a guitar rig so as
> record clean rhythmns and then play dirty solo's over the clean

*** I have 2120 as well.  I place my EDP after 2120.  I run 2120
together with several other sources (mics, percussion, etc.) through
Samson mixer's aux out into EDP.  Works just wonderful.  I would not
see 2120's f/x loop useful in your case.

Petr Dolák
music * poetry * guitar
looping * commodeon * percussion