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Re: DL-4 question...

>OK, anyway, I'm curious, I know the exp pedal one can buy for the DL-4 can
>allow one to control the loop's volume in realtime.  Are there any other
>options available for it, by this I mean, rather than using it to
>continuously control  loop level, can it be configured to start and stop
>sampling, perhaps if it were pressed fully up or down.  I know that some 
>pedals can work this way.  i'm just not sure if it can be linked in the
>DL-4 to anything other than the level parameter.  Thanks so much for any
The pedal can be programmed to control any of the 5 front panel knobs,
Delay, Repeats, Tweak, Tweez and Mix. You can control any combination of
the 5, and any range of parameters within them. For example, you can have
the delay control go through 1/4 of it's range while the repeats control
goes from 0 to max. It's a pretty amazingly flexible system, and really
easy to program as well.

However, it can't be configured to start and stop sampling, so it won't do
what you want. But it will do a heck of a lot instead!

Hope this helps...

Dave Trenkel : improv@peak.org
New & Improv Media
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