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Re: Pro tools free

I found the PTF pdf manual that comes with it pretty informative, and 
if i remember correctly, there is a demo session available for 
download at the website, too.  I downloaded it, but never checked it 

also, at the digidesign website:


go to 'support', the go to 'user conference'.  There seem to be some 
really helpful folks there.

good luck.


>   Hello all,
>   I've installed PTF on my mac at work, as I work in marketing and we 
>be doing some editing of radio commercials, etc.  I'm having a hard time
>getting started with the software... I'm just not familiar with it.  I've
>used other recording apps for the PC.  Anyone know of somewhere (web site,
>etc.) that has some intro to Pro Tools?  Thanks...
>     Mike
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