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Fwd: CD Release

>Hi all,
>Pardon me if this appears twice on the list - won't bore you with the 
>details.  I am a composer/performer who processes and loops the tuba (and 
>didjeridu, conch and voice).  Shortly after buying a DL4 last year, I 
>began doing solo concerts of my own music.  I also use a Lexicon MPX1, a 
>t.c. D-TWO, and I just bought an EDP, all of which goes through my 
>p.a./1202VLZ/AMT clip-on mic.  I went into Robert Rich's Soundscape 
>earlier this year and recorded my first solo cd, 'Where the Earth Meets 
>the Sky', (engineered and mastered by R. Rich) which was just released by 
>Hypnos Recordings (www.hypnos.com).
>For anyone in the bay area, I have two live shows coming up:
>Saturday, June 9, 2001
>8:15, 9:15, 10:15
>Jazz at the Aquarium
>Monterey Bay Aquarium
>Tickets $50.
>and for FREE:
>Saturday 'afternoon', June 16, 2001
>somewhere in downtown Berkeley
>Berkeley Arts Festival Music Circus
>Anyone interested in details could email me off-list.
>I will send a copy of my cd to each of the first two people from this 
>to ask for one.
>Tom Heasley