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Re: Electrix? PaulPokr@aol

Dear Paul, 
     I thing I understand the source of your confusion here. 
     You seem to be labouring under the illusion that the purpose of
acquiring new gear is to USE it after you have bought it. 
     Were you a true gear junkie, you would realize that the point of
acquiring new gear is NOT to use it - butrather to determine its
limitations so that you can write critiques of it and THEN demand new
gear without those limitations. Of course, if and when the new piece of
gear does become available - the cycle starts all over again. It is such
fun !
       Unfortunately, a few naive people (like your self, perhaps ?)
actually devote themselves to learning the intricacies of the gear they
have and actually begin to enjoy making music with it. But what can we
do with them ????
       I hope this will alleviate your concerns. 

James Hines
(recovering gear junkie)