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Re: Alesis AirFX (what's it do?)

Yea Matt, I have one of them.  It has its own set of synth sounds in one section of setting.  I have it connected to one of the Korg electribes.  You can manipulate the sounds in varius ways using your hand or guitar neck or other body parts.  It's worth the money.  I was waiting for the air synth from alesis but I hear it's on hold for awhile. (I love toys) Come check it out if you're in Santa Cruz.  I've gotta get Miko over here to check out my new setup.  I grabbed some of the electric blowout stuff and need to see where I can fit it in.  good luck Papa Dave



>Does anybody know about the Alesis AirFX? I'm looking at it in a

>center advertisement. All it says is that it has "tripped out, mind
>effects", but it could be a useful little box. Does anybody have any
>experience with this unit?
>Not that I'm going to go to guitar center, but if it's nice, I might
>get it
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