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Re: Behringer

> I've been seeing more and more Behringer equipment available. Kee-rist! 
>  Microphones, numerous effects/other boxes, amplifiers, mixers, 
>  compressors, etc., etc. What's the story with this company? A lot of 
>  gear is priced really cheap (e.g. effects units). Is their stuff solid? 
yes, very well made, and sound quality closer to pro than budget.
( with a couple of exceptions maybe)
Only critism is that some of their newer stuff has a physical (not 
electrical) hum 
coming from the transformer.
I'd particularly recommend the Modulizer,
impressive range of FX including the bizarre (and tweakable), 
particularly if you have a MIDI foot controller.
Has a very nice filter section.
..incredibly cheap

andy butler