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Re: Behringer

Yes, BeHringer is the Gemini of the 2000's. Remember Gemini (back in the day, they were the company that an aspiring street Dj, could buy "affordable" Dj equipment.). They came out with the first Mixer with a 8 second sampler, for under 300.00 bucks ($299.99 to be exact). They were the first to come out with Quartz Lock Turntables for less than $200.00. Needless to say, the mixer ended up bleeding like a hemophilliac in a razor blade factory, and the turntables dragged like your Gramma Lucy, with the piles, but we did not care back then (early 90's, so we were still learning the business). So I say "Go Behringer !". Now I have a Behringer DX 1000 mixer, and it's the bee's knees ! It's ultra quiet, which is very good, since I have it hooked up to my PC ( I do PC mixing, with PCDj RED and the Numark DMC-1), but that is another matter.Now, I paid about 260.00 bucks for this mixer from Sam Ash, and I think I got a darn good deal, for a darn good piece of equipment !

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From: "maninspace"
Reply-To: Loopers-Delight@loopers-delight.com
Subject: Re: Behringer
Date: Sat, 9 Jun 2001 12:38:06 +0200
I've got loads of Behringer stuff : a mixer, monitors, compressors, tube
preamp, fx...
They do the job very well, and I would never have such a decent home studio
without Behringer, because they made it really affordable. I'm now
thinking of buying a tube compressor or ultra dyne.
Regarding the monitors : I've heard pro's saying they're better (flatter)
than the Mackie's .
I recently put a song recorded with a B mixer, compressor, tube, reverb, and
monitors on my site at http://www.geocities.com/forimul/index.html . No
loopy stuff, mind you, only a little loop at my start page. But if you'd
like to hear what an amateur can do with that stuff, it's a good example.

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