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Re: Behringer

Behringer rip offs.
Well apparently Mackie won their case against Behringer
when it was found that a Behringer PCB duplicated the mistakes
in a Mackie board.
seems then that just copying the circuit, which Behringer 
claimed was generic, wouldn't have been good enough for 
a conviction. 

...but then Behringer have brought out stuff that seemed to
lead the market (Autocom).
...and there isn't any equivalent of the Modulizer 
...I've tried out Mackies in shops, and didn't rate the quality of
the pre-amps, or the EQ. whereas the Behringer
stuff seems OK .
...but then Mackie recently ran adds to say they'd greatly improved their

the other reason for Behringer being cheap is because it's made in china.

Well lets all mail Behringer and ask if they're going to 
make a looper

andy butler (rambling)