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Re: What the heck is Behringer doing?


Most producers let produce in China,Taiwan,Indonesia and so on.Full
assembled or half assembeled.
Prices are low there.
Please look at your Apple Compuiter.Eventhough a high priced device(I 
Apple nevertheless),
most of its hardware comes form "abroad".Look at the mouse or other 
stuff "Manufactured
in China".
then this pre arranged stuff goes to the Apple factories,where it is a
simple Puzzle to set this
preproduced together.

This is the usual way of buisiness.Not only Behringer practice like it.Also
the big US-companies
handle it like that ! So if you avoid to buy Behringer for such reasons,you
should also avoid to 
buy products of all this other companies who does it the same.
At least there will be not left a lot wich you can choose from ! 


>Von: Tom Ritchford <tom@swirly.com>
>An: Loopers-Delight@loopers-delight.com
>Betreff: RE: What the heck is Behringer doing?
>Datum: Son, 10. Jun 2001 18:59 Uhr

>From: dan mcmullen <dog@well.com>
>>fwiw: a major reason behringer stuff is so cheap is that it is 
>>in china.
>Hmm.  Behringer don't seem to be the nicest of companies...
>I think I'll continue to not-buy their products!
>(but damn, it's cheap...)
> /t
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