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Re: What the heck is Behringer doing?

 Behringer copy some designs and constructions.That is not a wonder to me.
A lot of tools we use,are mostly copies of something else.

In the pharmaceutical buisiness we call such "products" generica.After a
such companies offers such copies of products at a low price.So I trace
as a "Generica" reseller.
The "original" producer had immense costs to develop a "medical" product,so
he is 
protected by International laws for some years.After this time everyone can
bring a
"copy" of this product on the market.
Actually seen on the debate in Africa,where gouverments want to allow to
copies of medical product-wich can help a little bit against the negative
of HIV infection.The Pharmaindustry will not allow it,because it is still 
protected phase of the copyright.But in Africa no one can afford this
So these gouverments decided to ripp Generica from the original design.
>From this case,I have also my doubts about Dow Chemical and Co.Profit
The latest News was that they have found now a compromise.
Nevertheless,the discussion before it was not a sign of morality in this

Behringer rips maybe somethings of.But all devices are not totally brandnew
wich need a special protection.Functions are nearly similar.A mixing 
will be 
always a mixing console.How it will be designed depends on the 
most parts
of a mixing console come again from different producers,where all M-Console
produce shop.
The same is valid for FX-devices and other audio equipment.
According to the streetprice,we should not wonder,that Behringer products
are not the
best,but they are also not filthy.

If we trace it really strict and puristic,the whole digital Music products
were ripped off
from Standford University.FM Synthesis was developed there in the
seventies,a first commercial
product-the DX7 was released in 1983.
The same for phyical Modelling.Developed in the early eighties and
manifested as consumertool in 
1993 -again Yamaha with VL1.

One word to China.The situation for labours there is really not OK.but in
Indonesia,Malaysia and
Taiwan the simple labour is in a similar situation like in China.Ever seen
how they work there ? 
And what are there rights ? The only difference between China and the 
is the political
And when HongKong was still under british gouverment.Ever seen old people
living in their birdcage ?
After a life of long hard work,this was their last place for living.Two
Squaremeter space with a 
hight of 1,5 meter.Looking like a birdcage.

And at least,everyone knows,that Bill Gates Microsoft is the worlds 


>Von: Tom Ritchford <tom@swirly.com>
>An: Loopers-Delight@loopers-delight.com
>Betreff: Re: What the heck is Behringer doing?
>Datum: Son, 10. Jun 2001 19:46 Uhr

>>Most producers let produce in China,Taiwan,Indonesia and so on.Full
>>assembled or half assembeled.
>I have nothing against Taiwan and Indonesia...
>China is kinda disturbing to me because at least
>some of the work is done with slave labour (I doubt that
>they have prisoners putting together circuit boards, though).
>But I can't just not buy computers and electronics, it's
>what I do.
>(I mean, I do a lot of things, and that's one of them.)
>>So if you avoid to buy Behringer for such reasons,you
>>should also avoid to
>>buy products of all this other companies who does it the same.
>>At least there will be not left a lot wich you can choose from !
>No, I wouldn't avoid Behringer for just that reason, it'd be crazy.
>But given also that they do copy other designs, which bothers me
>as a programmer and thus an intellectual property worker!
>and that their stuff is a little flimsy,
>I'll give their products a pass.
> /t
>                                  that was fast
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>.....programmer's documentation