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Re: Behringer

Hi all,
I´ve been working for Behringer as a translator for a while and won´t give away too many secrets of their manufacture or whatever. I am using some of their products, most notably the MX2642A mixer as this is by far the most flexible 19" mixer on the market, and if your music is heavily based on looping and processing there is nothing to beat this unit routing and sound-wise for stage and live applications or where space is an issue.
But honestly, I was working hand in hand with the R&D department back then and their hottest product was what became that blue POD spin-off. I asked whether they wouldn´t be interested in building a loop sampler as this was what many people were waiting for... no reply, just a grin. Who knows... maybe they wait until the repeater is available in order to get some inspiration 8)?
Speaking for me, not for Behringer,