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Concert announcement!

Hi folks,
now follows a classic example of shameless and blatant self-promotion as I am going to announce our concert at Jodrell Bank planetarium on June 23...
First set will be [´ramp], performing dark ambient music in the vein of Lightwave, Robert Rich or Michael Stearns, heavily based on looping and recycling, mixed with some rather leftfield electronics in the style of Node or... well, Node. The current line-up of [´ramp] will be Frank Makowski and the humble author of these lines. The entire concert will be improvised, just like the second show of the day.
Second set will be German space music veteran Cosmic Hoffmann aka Klaus Hoffmann-Hoock of MIND OVER MATTER fame (well, sort of), supported also by the humble writer of this pamphlet 8). Stylistically, the CH gig will be exploring the psychedelic side of electronic music, going into the realms of Pink Floyd, early Tangerine Dream (think Phaedra/Rubycon era) and some free-flowing ambient stuff. 
Analog content: We´ll be using, among other things, a Roland Jupiter 8 and JD-800, NordLead 2, Korg PE-2000, Mini Moog, Moog Prodigy, Rhodes 73 Mk. 1 stage piano w/ Mutron Biphase, Yamaha YC-30, various processors, tape delays and loop devices, and eventually -- if Martin and John supply us with one -- a Mellotron. Klaus will be demonstrating his Megatron, a digital Mellotron based on his vast archive of tapesets of all Mellotron models, ranging from the Mk. 2 and M-300 to the M-400.
The concerts will be held at the Jodrell Bank planetarium. For further information check www.synthmusicdirect.com or get in touch with Dave Law (the organizer) at dave@synthmusicdirect.com. On the synthmusic site you´ll find reviews of our albums which may or may not be helpful if you´re not yet sure whether to come or not. You might also want to check our webpage at www.nodular.de for more info on our projects.
Hope to see many UK AHers there. Just talk to us, we won´t bite back 8). The only problem: Time will be in short supply, I´m afraid....
Cheerio, and sorry for stealing your time,