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Re: my JamMan question.

In reference to " The Jam Man is incapable of making loops of different

One thought. WE are capable of playing "loops" of different lengths -
and as importantly - of contributing silence at the end of shorter loops
until they fill out the longer length of the longest loop in which we
are playing all the way through. 
     Now, I know this won't always be helpful - but it will be in some
      What I am saying is this: The longest loop you need will
invariably ( on the Jam Man, anyway) determine the loop length for all
loops.       Let's say that's 4 bars. 
      You could record another 4 bar loop in which you only PLAY for the
first 2 bars. Doing this you allow the loop to play by itself for the
first 2 bars and then improvise 2 bars for the last bars of the loop. 
      Its a "dueling Banjo" kind of thing - but its one more neat way to
use the Jam Man. 
       Hope that helps some.