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Re: echo-plus vs.Boss RC-20

the RC-20 does not have that sort of feedback control, a serious flaw imho.
the jamman actually does have that ability, but only through midi in
discrete settings. the gibson echoplex has a knob for continuous feedback
control. (or you can use midi for the same.)  I think the boomerang added
some limited jamman-like feedback control in their new 2.0 version. the
line6 dl-4 does not offer any feedback control either.


>    Is the RC-20 more like a jam man where you can  create a loop and
>layer it where if there's a mistake, you stop the loop and  start again?
>The Echo-plus will let the loop fade out when you release the  "infinite
>repeat" and lets you punch in a sound at any point during the fading  out
>of the loop.   Does the RC-20 have that "delay pedal" capability?  Am very
>curious about its 5 minute capabilities though.   Thanks--jehn

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