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RE: What the heck is Behringer doing?

 On some of Gibson's lower priced LP's in the 80s, they used a
Steinberger-designed tremolo that locked. I am guessing that is where
the patent problems were. Also, Trev Wilkenson works for Patrick
Eggle/Fret-King Guitars in England- contact them, maybe they will sell
ya one.

Dave Eichenberger- guitars.loops.devices
> Just not to come back to old discussions - has anyone in here 
> ever heard
> about the Wilkinson Vs100 Convertible guitar bridge?
> Wilkinson created it, it could not be a technological 
> masterpiece, but it
> was useful - a vibrato bridge that you could turn into a 
> fixed bridge just
> by not using the vibrato arm - I'm still looking around for 
> one of these
> beasts, as GIBSON decided to sue Wilkinson for copyright 
> infringement, as
> they claimed that Gibson patented a very similar unit, and 
> asked Wilkinson
> so much money for the licensig fee that the unit had to be 
> discontinued. And
> I never found a convertible bridge on a Gibson guitar or on 
> anything they
> had produced in the last 50 years.