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Re: Way OT What is Behringer doing in China?

Miko Biffle wrote...
>> Has no one mentioned that besides the fact that they 'reverse engineer' 
>their products based on the hard work of others. They also manufacture at 
>least some of their products in China... I believe there's a few ethical 
>dilemmas involved in that particular approach to cutting costs via 
>dirt-cheap, underpaid, sweat shop labor? Food for thought...

> Yeah it was mentioned, but I'm afraid the presence of goods manufactured 
>in China is nearly ubiquitous now.  I'd almost challenge you to see if 
>you can go through any room of your house and not find one or more things 
>that are manufactured in China.

That's my point... you have to pick and choose before *everything* is 
manufactured offshore.

> Doesn't necessarily make it any better to buy such products but I think 
>its hard to avoid them these days (unless you simply refuse to buy 
>anything that's got a low price tag and even then... I mean Nike shoes 
>aren't exactly cheap) Kevin

Try buying children's toys these days... it's almost entirely dominated by