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San Francisco gig blurt

>From: "Dylan B DeAnda" <dylan@loudcloud.com>
>Anyone know of any good performances in the San Fran area?
>Thanks for the info.

I just mentioned this last week, but thanks for giving me the opening to 
post it again, both as a reminder and also because I'll be trying 
new with this performance.

I'll be doing a live improvisation show at Kimo's at 9 this wednesday 
(6/13). I'll be using a turntable, CD player, radio, and cassette player 
with some real-time sampling/looping devices to create unlikely (but 
hopefully beautiful) music. I'll also be adding some live television 
to the mix, with the use of a simple invention of mine called the "signal 
glove". My performance will be 100% recycled content. There will be no 
machines or basslines.

Kimo's is located at the corner of Polk street and Pine. My set is between 
Lambskin 13 (an electro-noise group) at 8, and Plum (a solo sax guy) at 10.


Matt Davignon
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