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Yes Man! (was: AABA on JamMan)

Here is a happy man! Listening to his AABA-loops made on the JamMan. Thanks
folks (Rick, Dan, Gary, D.t/s-c) for all the advice you gave me. It made me
think things over in a logical way and finally my first ideas turned out to
be the best. Now, instead of being just a lurker on this list, I finally 
contribute something to loopers with a Jamman. For those who are 
I'll describe things below.

Kim, maybe if you think it can be useful, you could put it on the JamMan
pages of the Loopers-site?! I could make a midifile and send it to you,
downloadable for us all. Just let me know.
Here is what I did:

"How to make AABA loops on the JamMan using Midi"

1. Download the midifile and get it into your Midi-sequencer. Channel 1 is
reserved for program-change commands (CUES), TAP-commands and
LAYER-commands. Channel 10 is reserved for a clicktrack (Agogo-bells in a
General Midi setup). Put the tempo to 60 or more.
2. Do *not* use the normal clicktrack generated by your sequencer. The
JamMan is a little lazy, so in order to get smooth transitions between 
it is essential that you fool yourself by listening to a pushy click, which
you will find on channel 10. I actually shifted it 70 midi-clocks forward.
You'd probably just need it for the first 2 AABA's, then you could put your
headphones off.
3. Connect any Midi-device (master) that can send Midi-clock to the Midi-in
of the JamMan (slave). You should see the tempo-light start flickering like
hell. Good.
4. Put the MODE knob into Phrased Loop with 16 Midi-quarter notes.
5. Check your MIX and OUTPUT settings, then lower the INPUT knob all the 
down to zero.
6. Start your sequencer from the beginning. A *silent* Loop 1 is recorded
and then "played". Loop 2 is cued and "recorded". While loop 2 is "playing"
silently, turn up the input knob to a good level and prepare to play.
7. Play your first A (8 bars).
8. Listen to your second A, which starts automatically and prepare to play.
9. Play your B.
10. Listen to your third A and prepare to go back to step 6.
11. Groove!

With love from Holland!


The Music Lab
Frank Bilsen
Timmermanswerf 6
1474 JL Oosthuizen
tel: +31 299 404823 or +31 6 54226182
fax: 0299-404834
e-mail: musiclab@planet.nl
site: http://home.planet.nl/~musiclab