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Re: San Francisco gig blurt

I saw Scott D play at a small Cafe in Oakland, on a Saturday a long time 
(year?) At that time he was talking about maybe making it a regular weekly 
featuring different loopers.  I never heard about anything happening, but I
thought it was a great idea.  I've actually met a small contingency of 
loopers on the beautiful isle of Alameda, I'm sure they'd be up for an 
East Bay
loop event.  Remember, East Bay is Pig latin for Beast.

Mark Sottilaro

Andre LaFosse wrote:

> matt davignon wrote:
> > I won't be a San Francisco looper for long though. After this saturday 
> > be an Oakland one.
> I was going to ask if it wouldn't be more feasible to stage a Bay Area
> loop-thing in Oakland or Berkeley, rather than SF...  Any natives want
> to comment?
> --A
> (ps - sorry I missed you up there last month, Kim... next time