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Re: Simran Gleason, looping with a Vocoder

Stay away from the "Robot" and the "noise" knobs when your not using voice
signals, I've found.  I've had my warp factory in my effects loops of my
Mackie so that I could use any two channels.  It's quite amazing, I must 
to have my beats/sequences tweaked by my guitar loop signal (and vise
versa).  Run the output through a Vortex, and you've got one hell of a 
wall of sound.


Simran gleason wrote:

> >Simran had a beautiful set with his partner at the recent FESTIVAL of
> > VOICE + ELECTRONICA that I produced in Santa Cruz.
> >Now that he has a vocoderl......................watch out!!!!!
> >
> Well, thank you!
> >
> >
> >PS  I have a vocoder too and nearly took the heads off of the hastily
> >assembled Overtone Choir at the festival.  One poor guy jumped and 
> >want to come back on stage after that........I felt soooo
> >bad...............watch out, Simran,  you can really tweak your speakers
> >with a couple of those nobs.
> Was this the vocoder, or the resonant filter unit? I was under the
> impression
> that a vocoder will only modify the existing source by imposing the
> formant
> on it, and not severely add gain. However, a resonant filter can find a
> node at the filter frequency and go into instant gain chain brain drain
> feedback loop.
> This was my first experience with the electrix filter factory
> a year or so ago. I walked up to it and just tweaked the knobs. Didn't
> seem to do much so I turned up the "resonance" knob. Wham! I put a
> compression
> wave into that little music store that can probably still be seen in the
> drywall. What amazes me is that I didn't get immediately banned from the
> place ;-)
> So perhaps on the VOX+Elctronix fest stage the vocoder was running into
> the filter factory and
> happened to put out signal at the resonating frequency?
> Simran