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Re: Simran Gleason, looping with a Vocoder

Nope, Simran,   my glitch was caused by turning up the robot pitch knob
(I should have know that buying ANYTHING with a robot pitch knob was
getting me on to thin ice).   This introduces a sine wave, believe and it 
incredibly touchy.
Good luck.  I love my vocoder for looping or affecting loops once they are
running.   You can sweep up the overtone series with your voice, turn on 
freeze formant knob and then release it at the end of your 'solo' whilst 
sweep down the overtone series with your voice.   Taking synth pads
and vocoding them with drum machine patterns or loops is very, very cool as
well.  I have yet to use the 'classic' vocoder voice sound (and probably 
never since I am cliche phobic).

Later,  Rick