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[GIG] NYON CH Claude Voit & Matthias Grob [Chill out Garden Party 2]

Hey Swiss guy's n girls (are there any ?)

Matthias and Claude are back on the Geneva lake borders for our second 
"Chill out Garden Party" or "musiques planantes pour coucher de soleil"

it will be held Sat June 23 in Nyon Switzerland during "fete de la
in a lovely park facing lake and Mt Blanc 
250 m by feet from the port dir Geneva on the lakeside

from 20h30 to total night with the encore as the moon rises...

Total improv, tribal grooves, noizes, and heavens are on the menu with
two of the most handsome dudes in Looping business.

Matthias : polysubbass/polydistortion guitar ,EDP's,lexicon reverbs and
beautiful notes
Claude  Acoustic and ac./midi guitars, vortex,EdPs, 4pole, sequencer and
groovy tone

Be there and say hello