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RE: loopers

> > There are certainly other NYC area loopers... though not nearly to the
> > same organized level as on the west coast!
> >
> > on the list, there's myself, anti:clockwise (who's playing on Saturday
> > night
> > at the Pink Pony), Steve Sandburg, and a couple of others.  and tons
> > of people off the list.
>***cool, I'll try to check it out. Where's the locale?

The Pink Pony is on Ludlow, but he didn't give an address
(Ludlow just below Houston if I remember...)

> > So what sort of looping do you do?
>       ***I'm a newcomer...i decided i'd like to give this a go. I'm in 
>market for a computer. I'm going mac. I'm taking an audio digital class at
>the New School, and the teach is helping people decide what they need to
>get. I've been told to get a duel proc mac, about 533 mhz.

Was there some reason behind the dual-processor?

>Now...about the
>program... what to get , what to get...we haven't looked at the programs
>yet. They mentioned Acid (not avail for mac) calkwalk, qbase, fraser,
>protool...yadda yaddaa... Have you any suggestions?

Hmm.  Well, a lot of the people here are hardware loopers,
grabbing loops "on-the-fly" as we play...

I used to use Vision on the Mac but that's an orphaned program.
I'm looking at MOTU's Digital Performer 3.0 when it comes
out (finally)...  but I need pretty heavy MIDI tools, sounds like
you don't use MIDI at all!

>I want to do loops,
>love drum n bass... I'd like to combine that, with a spice added, flavored
>with Fripp, Apex Twin, Reich, M. Monk, We, ambient / trancy / atmospheric
>stuff..going into beats. Least that's what I'm thinking.   I just got 2
>turntables, no microphone ;p (unless you count the piece of crap that I've
>had bought from Shit-Shack) and a mixer...I hope to encorp that with the
>mac. (side note: Got a Gemini mixer...someone told me that they are not
>known for their quality. I tried it out, and found that channel 1 is bad. 
>have to go back to Sam Ass and exchange it. Should I xchange it for some
>other brand?)

Gemini has a pretty bad reputation.  People seem to like
Numark, here's an interesting looking one...


I fear this list won't really be too much good for this,
though... not everyone here is a player who loops on the
fly but most of the discussion seems to center on that.


                                  that was fast

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