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RE: loopers

> The Pink Pony is on Ludlow, but he didn't give an address
> (Ludlow just below Houston if I remember...)
***cool, maybe i'll see ya there.

> > > So what sort of looping do you do?
> >     ***I'm a newcomer...i decided i'd like to give this a go. I'm in 
> >market for a computer. I'm going mac. I'm taking an audio digital class
> at
> >the New School, and the teach is helping people decide what they need to
> >get. I've been told to get a duel proc mac, about 533 mhz.
> Was there some reason behind the dual-processor?
***I'll have to ask. All i remember him saying was that they are memory
suckers, these programs, and i'll need all the juice i can get.

> I used to use Vision on the Mac but that's an orphaned program.
> I'm looking at MOTU's Digital Performer 3.0 when it comes
> out (finally)...  but I need pretty heavy MIDI tools, sounds like
> you don't use MIDI at all!
***nope. I need to see how/what people play, to determine what I should get
for myself.

> Gemini has a pretty bad reputation.  People seem to like
> Numark, here's an interesting looking one...
> <http://www.8thstreet.com/Product.asp?ProductCode=4700&Category=DJ_Gear>
***I saw this one...seems to me like it has too many bells and whistles for
me to start off with. Thought i should start out with something easier.