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RE: loopers

> > Was there some reason behind the dual-processor?
>***I'll have to ask. All i remember him saying was that they are memory
>suckers, these programs, and i'll need all the juice i can get.

they ARE memory suckers, but memory is independent of how many
dual processors you use.

and as of right now there are as far as I know no Mac music
programs that can use both processors (and precious few
of ANY Mac programs that use more than one processor!)

> > I used to use Vision on the Mac but that's an orphaned program.
> > I'm looking at MOTU's Digital Performer 3.0 when it comes
> > out (finally)...  but I need pretty heavy MIDI tools, sounds like
> > you don't use MIDI at all!
>***nope. I need to see how/what people play, to determine what I should 
>for myself.

well, there are two schools, the "DJ" school and "player"
school.  the DJs mostly use loops created before they started,
usually taken from LPs and CDs, and the players mostly make
up the loops as they go along...

> > Gemini has a pretty bad reputation.  People seem to like
> > Numark, here's an interesting looking one...
> >
> > 
>***I saw this one...seems to me like it has too many bells and whistles 
>me to start off with. Thought i should start out with something easier.

well, there are others, but the Chaos pad is a very nice piece
of kit and awful convenient to have in your mixer.

if you really want to do loops, you'll need SOME sort of effects
unit and the Chaos pad is pretty damned decent and intuitive...

                                  that was fast

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