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Re: San Francisco gig blurt

>From: "Rick Walker \(loop.pool\)" <GLOBAL@cruzio.com>

>I think that the San Francisco loopers have gone the way most artists have
>gone in San Francisco:   the dot.com rent insanity is currently destorying
>the better part of the creative spaces to play in the city.  .....>We are 
>trying to find a spot to bring the World's First Bass Looping Tour*
>to San Francisco and we are having a hell of a time finding a place to do 

I can only think of a few clubs in SF that would actually be happy to do 
something like this. The city went from having about 15 places to hear 
experimental music to about 5. Here are the ones I can think of that have 
experimental shows at least occasionally:

1) CELLspace (21st & Bryant) - a warehouse multiarts collective space
2) The Lab (16th & Cap) - an art gallery/avant garde performance space
3) Kimo's (Polk & Pine) - has a weekly experimental/free jazz night on 
wednesdays, and an industrial/noise/goth/experimental night on thursdays. 
Hey, today's a wednesday! Wow, people in San Francisco could check it out 
today! How about that!
4) The Luggage Store (6th & Market) - home of "Creative Music Thursdays"
5) Hot Rodney's/The Clit Stop (south of Market) - I thought this was 
down last year, but somebody tells me that they're still running.

?) 111 Minna - Several places tell me that they're into the new and avant 
garde, but in the past 4 years, they've been transitioning to only doing 
techno and drum 'n bass.

The closure of the clubs is partly because they're being out-rented in 
spaces, and partly because people will often move in upstairs or next 
then will complain about the noise. This is what happened to the entire 
south-of-market area. Kimo's came this close (holding fingers REALLY close 
together) to being shut down by the same thing, but they invested $10,000 
getting some soundproofing done. The best way to help keep the local clubs 
in business is to BUY A DRINK while you're there seeing shows. That's 
the clubs get their income to stay functional in this highly competitive 
real estate market.

>I know that
>really creative people like Matt Davignon are up there.

Gosh! (shuffles feet)

I won't be a San Francisco looper for long though. After this saturday 
be an Oakland one.

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