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Re: San Francisco gig blurt

I think that the San Francisco loopers have gone the way most artists have
gone in San Francisco:   the dot.com rent insanity is currently destorying
the better part of the creative spaces to play in the city.  I know that
really creative people like Matt Davignon are up there.  I'm still waiting
for the
first San Francisco Loop Festival.

We are trying to find a spot to bring the World's First Bass Looping Tour*
to San Francisco and we are having a hell of a time finding a place to do 
Part of this may be the short notice that we have had to work out, but I
have been a little shocked at how hard it is to bring a pretty cool thing
like this to the city.
I, also, am not a San Franciscan, but has that ever stopped me from
commenting.........................................hell no ;-)

Ciao for now,  Rick  Walker (loop.pool)

*(with Michael Manring, Steve Lawson, myself -as the tour's only
non-performing bassists-and Max Valentino)