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Behringer vs. Mackie

Hi all,
when I spoke to Robert Rich a while back he pointed out that he felt that Mackie consoles tended to "dry out the reverb" as he put it. With Behringer (judging from the two incarnations of the 2642 I had/have) I have the impression that the new pre amps and EQs of the silver-coloured series do have a somewhat different sound, tending more into the direction of a very metallic and cold variety. Which might also have to do with my main reverb and echo unit (Roland SRV/SDE-330). All in all thatīs not that bad a thing, especially when one is using loads of analog synthesizers and effects units. This keeps the sound from getting too swampy and mushy.
Anyway, still looking for a good studio desk. Does anybody happen to know about an affordable Soundtracs MRX 24-8-2 for sale in Germany 8)?
Sorry for getting slightly off-topic,