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Re: Simran Gleason, looping with a Vocoder

>Simran had a beautiful set with his partner at the recent FESTIVAL of
> VOICE + ELECTRONICA that I produced in Santa Cruz.
>Now that he has a vocoderl......................watch out!!!!!
Well, thank you!

>PS  I have a vocoder too and nearly took the heads off of the hastily
>assembled Overtone Choir at the festival.  One poor guy jumped and didn't
>want to come back on stage after that........I felt soooo
>bad...............watch out, Simran,  you can really tweak your speakers
>with a couple of those nobs.

Was this the vocoder, or the resonant filter unit? I was under the
that a vocoder will only modify the existing source by imposing the
on it, and not severely add gain. However, a resonant filter can find a
node at the filter frequency and go into instant gain chain brain drain 
feedback loop. 

This was my first experience with the electrix filter factory
a year or so ago. I walked up to it and just tweaked the knobs. Didn't
seem to do much so I turned up the "resonance" knob. Wham! I put a
wave into that little music store that can probably still be seen in the
drywall. What amazes me is that I didn't get immediately banned from the
place ;-)  

So perhaps on the VOX+Elctronix fest stage the vocoder was running into
the filter factory and
happened to put out signal at the resonating frequency?