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Re: Cubase: Loops&Latency

theqrm@home.com writes:
>This seems to work, particularly when I make sure that I
>use the same sample rate that the loop was originally recorded at.
>There's one piece of this puzzle missin though. Even once I have the
>loop working audio wise, when I snip it and then try and cut and paste
>it into a new bar, the resulting new audio all of sudden will not loop
>correctly again.
make sure that the 'snipped' portion is the same start point/end 
as the original loop; or, if yer using 'divisions' of the loop, apply 
crossfade at loop-point if there are pos/kliks.....
(i use Logic, so pardon any x-platform inconsistencies.....)

>I beginning to wonder if this has to do with the
>latency of my cheapo Soundblaster (audio buffers=5, buffer size=6000),
not really likely; seems more likely that yer CPU might not have the juice 
handle loops, or Cubase may not be loop-friendly?
in Logic, you can very easily set the 'song-tempo' to the loop-length..... 
very precisely.
sorry if that doesn't help.....
dt / s-c