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Re: Cubase: Loops&Latency

  Joe, sorry it took so long to respond, but yesterday was a slow e-mail
day as I had a  million things to do.  Anyway, yes, I have a couple of
thoughts on this.  First, lemme' just more clearly go over exactly what I

1.  set the tempo to that listed with your loop.  (I'll use 100 bpm for
this example)  
2.  import the file from the CD.

3.   For myself, the loop is in stereo, so when I have it playing once
through on tracks 1 and 2, then I'll  select from measure 1, beat 1, tick
0, to measure 1, beat 4, tick 119 and COPY, (NOT CUT) the selection.  (as I
said earlier, that your software might use a different method of indexing) 

4.  Now, when you paste, paste the loop with the start point at measure 2,
beat 1, tick 0, whatever number of times you'd like.  If we're having the
same problem, this should work.  

  Now, as far as thoughts on why this is happening, I suspect it has to do
with the midi clock on the sound blaster being out of sync with  the sample
rate.  I've had instances where the audio or midi will drift from
eachother, which don't seem to have another cause.    <smile>  I'm not an
authority on it, but that's my best guess.  Other things can interfere with
timing, such as using  one or two hard drives, or memory.  Anyway, hope
this helps...  



   At 12:41 PM 6/13/01 -0400, you wrote:
>    From: <thefates@earthlink.net> 
>To: Loopers-Delight@loopers-delight.com   Joe, I've actually had the same
>problem with another software package. what I di to solve it was simply to
>set the bpm of the software to that listed with the loop I wanted to
>import, and then import it. 
>Thanks Goddess. This seems to work, particularly when I make sure that I
>use the same sample rate that the loop was originally recorded at. There's
>one piece of this puzzle missin though. Even once I have the loop working
>audio wise, when I snip it and then try and cut and paste it into a new
>bar, the resulting new audio all of sudden will not loop correctly again. 
>beginning to wonder if this has to do with the latency of my cheapo
>Soundblaster (audio buffers=5, buffer size=6000), or if I still don't have
>the science of looping in Cubase down pat. Any thoughts? Frustratingly


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