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Re: a question

Title: Re: a question
Hello Daniel,

Well,I use the Notator since 1989.it still works amazing and in time.
I have also the Mac-Versions of the inherent of Notator called Logic.
But when it goes to timing,my old Atari and Notator will come back.
I made the experience that both a more stable and solid in timing as the
actual ones.

I donīt know how you want  use the click track for your work.But there
are several ways to work with it.Also with such old good devices like
Notator and Atari !

In Notator you have two possibilities to use Tempo changes.The fixed one and the relational
For myself I prefer the fixed one.It is more flexible(from the point of view).In Editing Mode you
can speed up or down the tempo by simple commands.
Notator also allows it,to change the Tempo via routing to a continouis controller.This is interesting
for live performers.
If the material is already fixed from score(also from Tempo managmet) then use the the fixed

I made good experiences withe the old Notator and so it is still a part of my Setup,
Wether the modern Mac nor the modern Wintel could convince me for Midirelated material,
so the old fucking Atari and the old Notator are having a fine barbecue party in my Setup.

With your Notator you have already an exactly Tempo Modulating machine.As long there is no
real change in Midi,you can trust also these old devices.

Von: "Daniel Pezzotti" <daniel.pezzotti@span.ch>
An: <Loopers-Delight@loopers-delight.com>
Betreff: a question
Datum: Don, 14. Jun 2001 15:09 Uhr

Dear looper-friends,
I'm a cellist from Zurich (Switzerland) and I would have a question....it's not really loop-related but who knows, somebody can help........
I would like to know how a can prepare a click - track for a studio recording......means...prepare a click for a piece of music which includes tempo and rhythm-changes...
is there a software for this?
Till now I did it trough exporting Midi-files from Notator-software like Encore or Finale....it works, but maybe there is something better to use for.....
Thanks in advance for any help and
happy looping!
Daniel Pezzotti