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Re: OT: Electrix at Musician's Friend

Pete, having been told different stories by different help people I can 
presume that the chain of information is breaking down somewhere between
departments. Hopefully, something will come through, and the shipments will
somehow arrive early.  Having just read David Potter's post gives me a
little hope that that could happen. So far, I haven't gotten a shipping
confirmation email at all, and when I called they confirmed having not
shipped any yet.

So, sit tight I guess, we'll see. Familiar situation around these parts, 
yeah, for that kind of discount it's hard to compain. :)

In other news, it seems a few people took advantage of the clearance by
picking up some to resell. There are currently several new in the box or
nearly so Electrix items on Ebay, if anyone's interested. I don't wish to
spam even with good intent (so I'll leave out the URLs), as I don't know 
sellers, but I thought it was interesting and some people who can't get to
the stores or find them in regular online stores might give it a shot.