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"Jazz" running on BBC

Well, folks, it was inevitable I suppose.  BBC's been running the Ken Burns
"Jazz" 'documentary' this week - I've been watching this bit of business,
and am thankful for the many comments put forth on this list in particular.
It's helped me to maintain an omnicient viewpoint, as well as disseminate
the opinions from the facts, which in the case of this show tend to fade in
and out of clarity.

My main observations on this one so far:

* Too many interviews with writers - a vast majority of which were 
not around when the 20s and 30s were with us, yet they go on like they were

* Lovely bits - though not enough - where people who were ACTUALLY THERE 
allowed to talk about their experiences, and not merely of their opinions 
to what "actually happened" in a quasi-historical context.

* Far, FAR too much emphasis on Louis Armstrong, to the detriment of those
who were also obviously at work trying to bust through the artificial
barriers of publishing companies - the progeny of which are continuing to
steal musicians blind to this day.

* How the hell is it that there's lots of talk about alcohol even during
prohibition, but absolutely NONE of reefer, which good ol' Louis Armstrong
enjoyed to his dying day (and even had people running out to get some in 
UK when he was invited to the UK to meet the Queen)?  So far I hear NOTHING
about this.  How politically correct.  How benignly fascististic.

* Thank God Artie Shaw was still alive for this one, and the other
musicians - not the young ones - who were at least interviewed.

Just a few so far.  Thanks again to this list.  I still have to hesitate
changing the channel though, when either Stanley Crouch or Wynton Marsalis
(who can at least play an instrument!) start pontificating.  I had to laugh
when they both started that "bip be bop bop shooby dop wop shabam" stuff.
Once would be fine, but jeepers!

Stephen Goodman
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