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Re: OT: Electrix at Musician's Friend

On Thu, 14 Jun 2001 stanitarium@earthlink.net wrote:

> well i know some pro musicians here in sf who insist on takin new stuff 
> from retailers before they purchase and as far as i know they *must* 
> it back in said condition-if they dont i dont know what happens tho-i 
> they cut off their heads or somethin...

Most reasonable and trustworthy dealers call those demo units and clearly
sell them as such. Look at American Musical Supply's catalog, you'll see
what I mean.

> wot difference does it make in the long run as long as it worx and
> under warranty...food for thought

How do you or I know the status of a unit? Do you really think Joe Schmuck
making minimum wage at GC and can't answer simple questions about the gear
he sells puts returned gear through rigorous QA testing like the
manufacturers do before they ship a product? I would think this would piss
off the manufacturers too - i.e. what if someone on here buys a Repeater a
few months down the line after it comes out and tells us how one of the
knobs fell off after he pulled it out of the box and not only that, the
unit locked up. Reason: it happened because someone returned the unit
after dropping it and Guitar Center simply resold it as a new
item. Wouldn't that be horrible for Electrix's reputation?

As for still being under warranty. That's all fine and good if you want to
buy something, find out there's something wrong and then have to sit by
without the unit for the time it takes to get it repaired/replaced. When I
buy something NEW I expect it to be NEW and I expect it to WORK.


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