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Re: [GIG] NYON CH Claude Voit & Matthias Grob [Chill out GardenParty 2]

  <smile>  My neck o' the woods isn't actually all that far from yours, I
believe.  Mine is in the lovely Rocky Mountains of Colorado.  *laughing*
-Love the little  piece at the bottom of your note!  lol!  OK, OK, I'd
better  mention something about looping in this or everyone's gonna get mad
at me!  "LOOPING RULES!!!"  lollollol!    



At 04:29 PM 6/13/01 -0600, you wrote:
>Far be it from me to dub myself "handsome"..........but what IS your
>neck of the woods, Goddess ?
>"Why did you never marry ?" an admirer asked the Mullah. 
>"Well, I promised myself that I would marry if I ever found the perfect
>woman....." the Mullah replied. "I do remember meeting one
>woman.......she was gorgeous and had a heart of gold....."
>"So what happened ?" the admirer asked.
>"Turned out that she was dumb as a brick." said the Mullah
>"And you never met anyone else ?" the admirer enquired.
>"Oh, I did meet another woman. She too was very kind and we had the most
>fascinating conversations......"
>"So where is she ?" the admirer begged.
>"She was so ugly that I could not bear to look her straight in the
>face." responded the Mullah.
>"And you never met ANYONE else ?" the tedious admirer continued.
>"Ahhhhhhh, YES" answered the Mullah, " I did once meet a woman as
>beautiful as a desert rose, with a keen wit and a heart of sheer
>innocence !"
>"Then WHY did you not keep your promise and marry HER ?" the admirer
>"As it turned out" concluded the Mullah, " SHE was looking for the
>perfect man !" 


  "The only things I really think are important, are love, and eachother.
-Then, anything is possible..."