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Re: [GIG] NYON CH Claude Voit & Matthias Grob [Chill out GardenParty 2]

Far be it from me to dub myself "handsome"..........but what IS your
neck of the woods, Goddess ?


"Why did you never marry ?" an admirer asked the Mullah. 
"Well, I promised myself that I would marry if I ever found the perfect
woman....." the Mullah replied. "I do remember meeting one
woman.......she was gorgeous and had a heart of gold....."
"So what happened ?" the admirer asked.
"Turned out that she was dumb as a brick." said the Mullah
"And you never met anyone else ?" the admirer enquired.
"Oh, I did meet another woman. She too was very kind and we had the most
fascinating conversations......"
"So where is she ?" the admirer begged.
"She was so ugly that I could not bear to look her straight in the
face." responded the Mullah.
"And you never met ANYONE else ?" the tedious admirer continued.
"Ahhhhhhh, YES" answered the Mullah, " I did once meet a woman as
beautiful as a desert rose, with a keen wit and a heart of sheer
innocence !"
"Then WHY did you not keep your promise and marry HER ?" the admirer
"As it turned out" concluded the Mullah, " SHE was looking for the
perfect man !"