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Re: improv voice loops

When I was in hospital here, there was a really old, mostly delerious 
on the other side of the curtain from me who went on, and on, and ON, and
on, in completely disjointed sets of sentences like:

"You can't have my trousers, they're MINE and I paid for 'em with me own
"Have ya seen my brother today?  Me father was here yesterday lookin' for

On one level I was glad that I was on the other side of the curtain and
didn't connect a face to this poor soul.  On another I was sorry I didn't
have my old portable recorder with me to get some of this stuff, which
reminded me of some of the rambling Lennon did on "Revolution #9"... :)

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From: "Dennis Leas" <dennis@mdbs.com>
To: <Loopers-Delight@loopers-delight.com>
Sent: 15 June 2001 16:36 PM
Subject: Re: improv voice loops

> > Every once in a while, I'd go into a bar downtown with the Digitech 
> > Plus, a mic, a recording walkman and headphones, hand some drunk the 
> and
> > pu the phones on his head, and start twiddling knobs. Great
> > icebreaker..wakes people up .
> I *LIKE* it!
> Dennis Leas
> -------------------
> dennis@mdbs.com